Be more INTELLIGENT, with your health!

Since it is almost impossible, to enjoy your life to the full, if you do not have health, does it make sense to proceed with the best interests in your own? There are many choices and decisions, each of us, to make, on a regular basis, so, we should, concentrate on being coherently INTELIGENTE , when it comes to our health and well-being. While this may seem obvious, many of us don’t pay much attention to it! With this in mind, this article will, in short, attempt to consider, examine, examine and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and what it presents, and why, it is a wise choice, to proceed in this way.

  1. Stronger / stronger points; symptoms; solutions: We can either proceed proactively, or wait, get sick, and then try to cure what ails us! Wouldn’t it make more sense to try to be stronger, using our personal strengths, reduce the symptoms, proactively and seek viable solutions based on improving our immune system, etc.?
  2. motivated: Smarter health comes , in a reasoned way, and persistence, to maintain a system that has addressed needs, goals and priorities, in order to, through life, a better chance of health and happiness!
    Attitude; Caution; alternatives: Each of us must control our minds! We choose, to proceed, with a positive, positive, positive or negative attitude, centered on problems, one! When we commit ourselves to paying attention to what makes us happier, healthier and more prepared, we generally improve our personal abilities. Never proceed with a closed mind, but rather consider options, alternatives and alternative medicines, as part of a strategic, well thought out and action plan!
  3. important; reliable; search: Learn as much as possible about all your options and alternatives. Read the relevant research carefully and make sure there has been a timely review of any particular treatment and / or approach! Discuss each option with a trusted healthcare professional to ensure that the potential approach is realistic and reliable!
    5, timely: The enemy of optimizing healthier life is procrastination! After having done your research and consulted with a professional, proceed in a timely and thoughtful manner!
  4. Enduring; emphasis; excellence: Overall, a healthy life is a lasting process instead of a sprint! Determine your personal emphasis and always proceed with the utmost attention to personal excellence, in your decisions!
  5. responsive; responsible; reasoning: Be responsive to your needs and take a responsible approach. Review your reasoning, make sure it is based on a careful assessment and evaluation, and proceed accordingly!
    If you commit yourself to be, INTELLIGENT, with your health, you have a better chance of living a healthier existence! Are you up to the task and are you taking personal responsibility?

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