Parents The healthiest children!

We will start by bringing our children to shop with us, so that they can see where the food comes , and how much it costs, as well as developing a certain property to collect food within the limited number of pre-set food choices. The food we buy and prepare always seems a little better, which translates into fewer outbursts of anger and less food waste. Our shopping trips, food preparation and eating habits will eventually become true and successful habits and abilities for our children who make their journey childhood to adulthood.

Next, we invite our children to play physically rather than sit docile in front of the television and / or electronically. Childhood is the most natural time to play, be active and fit. If our children don’t do it as children, what chance will they have of doing so as adults? We all know how committed we are to carrying all the responsibilities of a parent. And we also know how easy it is for the weight of middle age to be creeping up on us. Once upon a time we were very skinny kids. So we help our children stay slim and fit.
Now, as my grandfather always said, “Go learn, drive and pave the way for a better world for us all.” We have the power to parent healthy children. So let him do it by helping them develop healthy self-managed habits. Aristotle certainly would approve this kind of parenting. And once again parents, thanks in advance for everything you do and everything you do …

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