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What is your child’s habit of being healthy children? We are talking about healthy emotional habits that need to be met. Your child’s emotional needs are very important.
As a father, your first responsibility is to support and promote the emotional, intellectual and physical well-being of your child. Unfortunately, most parents don’t really know what to do. Parent classes are usually not taught. So the first thing you need is educated parents. Without learning for yourself, it will be difficult for you to grow a child into a normal, emotionally healthy member of society.
Parenting has made some successes in recent years because it seemed to be moving away the basics. In most cases, parents are not completely guilty. Times have really changed and the dynamics of our family have changed. Today, easy-to-access guides are available to guide parents to the latest challenges.
Our goal is to give you parents or carers healthy basic emotional habits to bring you a happy child. Below are six basic healthy habits you should try to implement in your daily life. Pay attention to all how to implement these healthy habits in your daily activities.
Emotional security
You should help protect the child’s psyche in a safe, loving environment. Providing an environment with a feeling of being loved and welcome. Discard regularly.
Emotional development
Show, for example, compassion and empathy for patients, creators, and the elderly. If you still have grandparents, include them in your children’s activities whenever possible.
Physical security
Physical security is exactly what the child’s body and life mean. It also provides food, shelter, clothes and so on. Show your child that you care about their safety by warning them of the dangers in their world and in the wider world.
Physical development
Children create physical habits parents, their teachers, and other children. Provide appropriate exercise conditions. Children need physical activity to develop normally.
Intellectual security
It is important that your child’s mind can develop without prejudice. Create a habit of openly listening to your child’s ideas. Follow your thoughts with respect and dignity. Don’t be afraid to correct facts or principles
Intellectual development
Provide a safe and secure learning environment. This will include all the mistakes required by the learning process. Discuss learning mistakes that a child makes openly and honestly, always encouraging them to continue learning.
Child’s work is called Play. The child’s play will include all three areas of development, emotional, physical and intellectual. Parents’ healthy habits allow your child to participate equally in all three areas.
If you can beat these healthy habits with your baby, you will soon have a happy baby that develops naturally and simply. You have to train yourself and have a parenting guide or an information book. Remember that these healthy habits will be continuous and implemented through your child’s life.

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